Grade 5 Homework Expectations

Dear 5th grade Parents and Students,

Homework is a very important part of each student's school experience and school success. There are four main types of homework: personal reading, spelling assignments, math assignments and assignments in specific areas of inquiry. In order to be successful in doing the 5th grade homework, we have certain requests:

All homework needs to be:

  1. Completed to the best of the student's ability
  2. Written neatly and legibly including name and date
  3. Turned in on time

Homework is a time to reinforce skills that the students have learned in school. If your child has done his/her best but could not complete the assignment, have them draw a line where they have stopped working, record the time spent on the assignment and have a parent sign underneath.
In 5th grade, we are emphasizing independence, time management and responsibility. Students failing to turn in homework will be required to spend 15 minutes out of 30 (of break-time), completing the assignment.

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